Why I Love Kenya

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You can rent a room on the beach of find a place with room to spare. You can enjoy your breakfast at dawn or feel the magic at dusk. You can see all the stars of the show or sleep under the stars on a bed. You can visit a Rhino Sanctuary or be part of the Rhino Charge. You can build bridges of friendship or walk bridges in the trees. You can drink tea on a tea plantation or tee off at a luxury club. You can soak up Swahili Style or discover a style of your own. You can catch a wild trout or let the wind catch you. You can kiss the bride on the beach or be kissed by a Giraffe. You can circle the edge of a crater or hand off the edge of a rock face. You can see where our champions train or catch a train you’ll never forget. You can drift away on an Arab Dhow or simply drift away. You can ride like the wind on the sea or ride on a horse in the wild. You can get carried away by a donkey or just get carried away. You can find your way through traffic or see the most famous traffic on earth. You can waken your warrior spirit or set your soul and spirit free. You can walk in a magical forest or go hiking in famous foothills.

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